Photos: Micanopy Historic Cemetery.

by Jamie Sanford on February 15, 2009

Back in 2001, my husband (then boyfriend) and I visited the historic cemetery in Micanopy, FL.  This is a beautiful small town just south of Gainesville, FL, where I attended the University of Florida.  The town isn’t too well known, but people get an idea of what it is like when I mention that the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood was filmed there.

Anyway, when we took our road trip from NJ to FL in December, we stopped again in Micanopy and went back to the cemetery. The first time we were there, we were still using film cameras and I was on a point-and-shoot.  It was nice to go back with our current DSLRs.

Here are some favorites of the day. The whole set is here on Flickr.

Giant trees and the dirt road.

Alice Crisman, 1848-1927.

Jennings, etc.

Annie Gertrude Barr, 1871-1891.

Plants growing out of brick.

The Herrins' Angel.

Lester Lindbergh Burch, 1930-1942.

Sun glare through the trees.

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