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by Jamie Sanford on May 21, 2015

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For my birthday last year, my lovely friend Mariel sent me a box of goodies from Cake Monkey. There were so many delicious things that I had to share them, I would have probably died from sugar intake otherwise!

Cake Monkey sends items that require refrigeration, so I took photos of the packaging when I opened the box. Please note that these were taken with the iPhone 5 – I have the 6 now and am very grateful for the camera upgrade.

An obvious option, the thermal bubble wrap lining the box.

The inner box is very cute and branded with a sticker and a gift note!

I’m guessing the iPhone could not focus on all of the shiny packaging. This was more annoying than anything else because it was super staticky and sticking to everything.

Some of the items are in clear plastic, and all have personalized stickers.

Other items were in aluminum foil (but somehow a prettier version that doesn’t get wrinkly like Reynolds Wrap).

The back contains information on what the item is and its ingredients. This is another small thing that could be improved. For $60 a box, these stickers should relay the same level of branding and attention to detail as the stickers on the front of these items. The text here is cramped and looks like it was thrown together in Word before printing. I certainly think printing these ingredient labels in bulk, with more attention to detail, would complete a much better presentation.

(Also, please find a better solution for packing than that shiny grass.)

I don’t have any photos of the items being eaten, but they were quite delicious and traveled well. I think they could be a bit less sweet in general, some of them were a one-way ticket to Sugartown, and for that reason, it is great that they are individual pieces. I would not recommend anyone eating more than one at a time.

Thank you again to Mariel!


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Instagram Roundup #56

by Jamie Sanford on September 11, 2013

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I’m guilty of enjoying some orange soda but WHAT.

There’s a strip of road in the town where my office is that is full of amazing architecture from the 60s and signs like this.

Took a quick shot of this too, does that mean no air for tires?

We went wine tasting for Cindy’s birthday over the weekend. It was really beautiful!

He was requested, so Tiny Edward made an appearance in the tasting room.

Old York Cellars had a beautiful deck that we enjoyed for quite a while after our initial tasting.

Unionville Vineyards was our next stop. Will and I chose the 8-wine tasting, and I highly recommend the Bell Well Chardonnay. I cracked my bottle open for my Nan, and she recommends it too.

Wine tasting selfie with Will, Karla, and Lee in the back. The men were wearing bow ties, and the ladies had tiaras, naturally.

We finished the day with pizza, more wine, and this beautiful sunset at the Hope Valley Vineyard. Who knew that Jersey had such great wine, and the experience was SUCH a good time. I definitely need to do another NJ wine tour sometime soon.

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Link Tank #4

by Jamie Sanford on August 23, 2013

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Weirdly small Elementary gif. Only a month until it comes back!

Elizabeth Spiridakis Instagrammed her wedding, in real time. Awesome.

Here’s a list of 10 actions you can take against Russia. The way that this country has taken steps backwards in equality is horrendous.

I can’t get enough Nine Inch Nails news. Here’s a story from Jon Pareles of The New York Times.

Wonderful story about the Right Whale and how much we do not know about them.

Everyone knows that Buzzfeed is the best website ever, yes? 50 Things Only 80s Girls Can Understand made my day.

For my email marketers – the best time to send emails.

For my photographers – 5 basic lighting techniques.

How Tablets Are Transforming Web Design, from Inspiredology.

Ha! The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle. (Cruisin127, what of it? ::cringes::)

Totally old, but this Hogwarts cake is amazing.

Another old one – but this from Buzzfeed: Classic Album Covers Re-imagined with Harry Potter Characters.

Finally, Shauna did some shopping at H&M home, and now I want everything. I didn’t even know they had home stuff!

That’s all for now. See you next month!

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Instagram Roundup #33

by Jamie Sanford on March 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

My Dad came to visit! He picked me up at the office for lunch on Thursday. It was fun!

Green Tea Kit-Kats in the office.

Site launch celebratory beer in a tiny glass. I would not have picked Coors Light, but the options were limited.

Here I am in the mirror at Walgreens, waiting for Will to pick a card.

It’s at least one fortune a week now that I am keeping the cookies around.

Engagement party for Sara and James!

Dinner with Dad and Will on Sunday was really fun.

I went to a recording studio to record some audio for a work project.

I look a little weird in the face, but here I am in the booth! I need a booth like this at my house for podcasting.

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