Polish Project #30

by Jamie Sanford on September 15, 2012

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115. OPI Teasy Does It
116. OPI Germanicure
117. China Glaze Harvest Moon
118. OPI Warm & Fozzie
119. China Glaze Electrify

115-118. OPI Teasy Does It, OPI Germanicure, China Glaze Harvest Moon, OPI Warm & Fozzie.

119 in the front. China Glaze Electrify.

I did sort of end up with a gradient in the base colors, which wasn’t exactly intended, but I will take it.

Teasy Does It is from the 2010 Burlesque collection. It’s pink flecky shimmer in a dark burgundy base. Love.

I thought Germanicure was similar, but it is a totally different situation. Much redder, and the shimmer is a bit more subtle.

Harvest Moon is from the Hunger Games collection, which I didn’t care about until I found them on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. I like this color, and I ended up with 2 bottles, so I keep one and my mom gets the other, because I think this color is definitely for her. I will just have to convince her to put something like Electrify on top, since Electrify looks GREAT on top of this, not just as a stripe but just scattered glitter over the whole thing.

Warm & Fozzie is one of these weird magical polishes that is about 10 different colors. It’s pink and bronze and gold and I love it.

Also, check out the tip wear in these photos. I need to take pictures earlier in the process of wearing. Or I need to find a bangin’ top coat that I can do a proper tip wrap with for nail protection.

So, there you have it. This was a fun manicure.

Thoughts: These polishes are all for me in a big way so I am down. I need to work on application to avoid the tip wear issues I have had.
Verdict: One bottle of Harvest Moon to Mom, I keep the other one and all of the other polishes.

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Polish Project #18

by Jamie Sanford on August 22, 2012

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15. OPI Show It and Glow It (previously tested in this post)
77. Sinful Colors I Miss You
78. OPI Excuse Moi
79. Sally Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzler

Welcome to the world of better images. I finally pulled out my DSLR so this should be improving. These are in order as listed above.

I tested all of these using OPI Pink Flamenco as the base. From the top: Razzle Dazzler, Excuse Moi, I Miss You, Show It and Glow It.

Thoughts: Another successful test of putting glitters over a solid base. Of course, I Miss You and Razzle Dazzler are meant to be topcoats (Razzle Dazzler is actually sort of the drug store version of Flurry Up which I LOVE), so that helped, but Show It and Glow It as well as Excuse Moi had good application and WAY better staying power over a solid base. You can see that the pink jelly-ish base of Excuse Moi changed the whole look of the nail and pretty much canceled out the Pink Flamenco. My biggest problem with this whole thing is that I don’t have the accuracy in glitter polish application to completely cover the base color, which is frustrating.
Verdict: I Miss You is going into another battle with other random glitter topcoats that don’t blow me away. Everyone else can stay.

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Polish Project #17

by Jamie Sanford on August 21, 2012

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73. OPI Sparkleicious
74. OPI Spark de Triomphe
75. OPI Glow Up Already
76. OPI Bring on the Bling

I had to use flash to get an idea of what is happening here. Also check out the awesome Olympic shot in the background!

My cuticles didn’t like the flash so much. From top: Bring on the Bling, Glow Up Already, Spark de Triomphe, Sparkleicious.

So I decided that a solid base coat was going to be my new method for glitters. I have to say that I am really impressed with how this worked out! This mani lasted for days without the big hideous chunks coming off, which would happen if I put the glitter right over the base coat. Mostly though, glitter polish application is still a pain in the ass.

Thoughts: Well, you can see that the 3 gold-ish polishes all look the same under the flash. They are all really similar, but Bring on the Bling is a much warmer tone. Sparkleicious feels like Mardi Gras but there isn’t any green. They are all fun and sparkly, but I might have to try and re-do this manicure later to photograph properly. They all had the same staying power so I can probably do this on a wheel.
Verdict: Keeping them all for now, will revisit the gold ones later to get better photos.

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