Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on September 20, 2010

Photo of the Week. I’m in St. Louis this weekend to see my one of my best friends, David FM Vaughn, as Lord Farquaad in the US National Tour of Shrek the Musical. I don’t have pictures from the tour yet, but I do have this one that I love, taken during the Broadway run of the show, one night while waiting on the stage for David to come out.

Confetti and the orchestra pit.

Confetti from the cannons and the swamp-i-fied orchestra pit.

Jerry Rodgers on Flickr has an amazing set of photos of the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, where Shrek is currently playing.

It is almost the end of September, have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine at the VMAs, wearing Givenchy and serving it. Gorgeous.

It’s gotta be short this week, I was away and it’s 10:30 and I’m ready for bed. Leaving for vacation on Tuesday, next week’s will probably be short as well.

I love Marcel, the Shell with Shoes On. Watch and enjoy.

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I’m excited to present this edition of “Gifts that Give Back” as I love dark nail colors and it doesn’t get much darker than Morticia Addams.

The profits will be donated to the Actors Fund, a charity started over a century ago to assist those in the entertainment industry.

Colors are as follows:

Every fashionable lady of the darkness will be drawn to Morticia’s Nails. Blood Curdling Red is certain to scare the crows away. Bone Chilling White will remind you that death is just around the corner. And Midnight Tango is all but certain to keep the passion alive.

The set of 3 colors is available for $30 on the Actor’s Fund Store website.

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