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Link Tank #40

by Jamie Sanford on February 17, 2017

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This documentary is called 10-Meter Tower. Go watch it! It isn’t super long but it is all of us.

I didn’t make this cheesy bread bowl for the Super Bowl, but I seriously considered it because it looks ridiculously good.

Life advice from unexpected guru Stacy London.

3 tips for improving your Instagram photos.

13 things to give up in order to be successful. I found this one a little challenging.

How to dress in order to boost your productivity. Important for those who work remotely.

I saw this herb fougasse on The Great British Bake-Off, and I really want to try making it.

Making your own overhead camera mount!

I cannot recommend enough that you go see Britney Spears in Las Vegas. The show is so fun, the production value is insane, and Britney dances THE WHOLE TIME. So fun.

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Link Tank #34

by Jamie Sanford on May 26, 2016

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This Daria cosplay is amazing. I think Daria is definitely in my top 5 favorite TV shows.

A tumblr post with photos of 70s tech is wonderful.

This is some real talk about why bathroom bills are ridiculous and aren’t protecting anyone from anything, as long as so many other things stay the same.

Margie Ashcroft, AKA Margie Plus, AKA Margie, is such a badass and I can’t even with her new video. It’s amazing.

An interesting examination of the conservatorship over Britney Spears and why it is still in place, years and years later.

Nine Inch Nails albums, ranked. I’m pretty on board with this, with the exception that I would place Hesitation Marks much higher, perhaps even as high as number 2.

The before and after on baking my peach and raspberry cobbler. I have been baking this for a few years, here is the recipe I use. The addition of the raspberries was excellent.

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Beyonce and Marketing

by Jamie Sanford on January 9, 2014

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Photo via Beyonce’s Instagram.

It’s been almost a month since Beyonce shut down the Internet by releasing an album without having told anyone beforehand. Coined a “visual album,” Beyonce was released to iTunes exclusively and sold over 600,000 copies in 3 days, blowing recent releases by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears out of the water. I’d like to examine a few pieces of this story.

Lack of Promotion

Beyonce has been traveling the world on the Mrs. Carter tour, has dropped a few singles over the year, but it was known that she had recorded material for a new album. The assumption was that the album would release in 2014. Instead, it turned out that Beyonce had written something like 100 songs, chosen the album tracks, and proceeded to film videos for every song on the album all over the world during the span of her tour. Brilliant and sneaky. Beyonce has been quite active on Instagram, keeping in touch with the fans and giving them a glimpse of her personal life, and dropped the news of her new album on Instagram and set it all on fire. After it became available, 80k copies had sold in 3 hours.

The genius of this is that no, Beyonce’s album isn’t a lifechanger, but the entire plan was based on the fact that she is a huge star, people love her, and since they knew NOTHING about the album, everyone went online and bought it immediately to participate in the event that the album became. Britney and Gaga released tons of songs from the albums before they were released, and since they were not that impressive, sales were not there to match. No one had time to find out if Beyonce’s album sucked before they were buying it to join in on the excitement.

Beyonce vs Target

Due to the secretive nature of the project, they didn’t start physical production of the album until very late in the timeline. The album had been available online for a few days already and Target refused to carry it, stating that the exclusivity to iTunes at the start would hinder sales of the physical CD. This was really dumb on their part.

  1. Beyonce went to Walmart, which was selling the album, and gave out gift cards and made people’s days and made herself a lovely news story.
  2. Hello, Target, people who still watch the news and aren’t living their life on the Internet (they do exist), would totally pick up and buy the new Beyonce if they saw it in the store. That you refused to buy this album that had the biggest hype of any album release in AGES was a huge miss.

Content Video is King

The release of music videos for every song was designed for the age of the Internet. Tumblr is HUGE, and it’s all about sharing images and video. The Beyonce videos aren’t all massive productions with huge budgets, but that isn’t the point. They all feature Beyonce. Beyonce is the star. Done and done.

Changing the Game

According to a post on, Beyonce’s surprise release, as well as the format of songs + videos from the jump, is a different approach to the new music world we are living in. Spotify can’t show you videos, so you go buy the album on iTunes. You haven’t streamed the whole album yet on a music website, so you go buy the album on iTunes. All of these tactics that are the new normal were ignored for a bombshell approach that no one was expecting, and it worked like a charm.

The album sold over one million copies in 6 days. For everyone who said album sales were over, Beyonce just changed the game.

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Sights & Sounds #47

by Jamie Sanford on October 4, 2013

Sights and Sounds #47

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From our trip to the wineries in September.

[youtube pt8VYOfr8To]

This Britney Spears video that is super fabulous.

[youtube BKyV8CTHeJ0#]

This video gives you a plan to drive free cars. It delves into the topic of lots of people having car payments ALL THE TIME, and how if you invest a $475 car payment every month for 30 years (into a mutual fund), you could end up a millionaire. The interest on said mutual fund will help you buy cars in the $15k-$18k range for the rest of your life. It’s pretty interesting.

[youtube aUaInS6HIGo]

Did I share this before? I don’t remember. Either way, watch this video on walking for a half hour and seeing how it changes your possibilities for health outcomes.

[youtube xc8G-Tvo75A]

Joan Rivers + RuPaul = amazing.

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Las Vegas Vow Renewal: Final Hair and Makeup Inspiration

by Jamie Sanford on November 7, 2011

Countdown to Las Vegas continues – and now I’m narrowing down my makeup and hair inspirations for the girls at Makeup in the 702.

I could NEVER achieve these perfect waves, so this Kate Beckinsale look might be my guide for the hair. By the way, my hair is totally redder now.

Kristen Stewart was serving Priscilla Presley realness in her W photoshoot, and I like the dark eyes a lot.  I might want this without the giant wing coming out of the side there, I’m not sure that it will work for me without looking silly.

Britney Spears also has some great eye makeup going on in her new “Criminal” video.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Britney’s smoky eyes and nude lip thing, so this is nothing too different.  I think I just need to figure out just how smoky I want my eye makeup to be.

Next up, photo inspiration and activity ideas for the Vegas trip!  Please leave your Las Vegas recommendations in the comments.

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