brands New Brand Menu | Missing the Mark #15

by Jamie Sanford on March 16, 2017

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I have written many blog posts about I am a huge fan of Sephora in general, but their website choices are, at times, baffling.

The most recent of these choices is their updated “brands” dropdown. They have completely changed their main site navigation, which is fine. You can see the main nav choices below.

I am focusing on the brands dropdown, because that is the one I use the most.

I like the images a lot, I’m fine with using this area to feature certain brands. I would not be surprised if Sephora, like many other retailers, offer placements to brands at a cost, and this new design may have created a few more revenue channels for them. However, there’s still a major piece missing!

Where is the “all brands” or “brands A-Z” on this menu? This was my go-to, and I imagine, the same for many others, when we were using the old version of the menus. Why even have a separate main navigation button for brands if you aren’t going to offer fast and easy access to ALL brands?

I know that I cannot be the only person wondering where this button is, and I hope that brings it back soon.

UPDATE 3/19/17: has added “brands A-Z” to the brands dropdown menu! I am pretty certain I’m not the only person who really wanted it back.


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