Books by Maurice Sendak

by Jamie Sanford on May 14, 2010

May 10-16 is Children’s Book Week!

In celebration, I’m posting 2 books by Maurice Sendak.  One is a classic, one is a lesser known story that I’ve had a copy of since I was a kid.

The classic tale, I still have not seen the movie because if I hate it I will be so disappointed.  The book is available on Amazon for $9.55.  I didn’t have a copy of this book for some reason, I bought one a few years back as my husband had never read it!

This story, Dear Mili, is a completely different beast, the story is sad and beautiful at the same time.  Grimm is listed as an author as this story was “preserved in a letter written to a young girl, Mili, in 1816 and not discovered until 1983,” when Sendak picked it up and illustrated it.  I don’t remember who bought this book for me but I didn’t really understand the story until I was older, but the book is absolutely stunning, and would be a great addition to anyone’s library.  This book is available for $6.95 from Amazon.

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OK, moved again.

by Jamie Sanford on August 11, 2008

So, like all of the cool kids, I came over to WordPress.  I seem to be doing OK so far but I have a long way to go, including a lot of design stuff that needs HELP.  I hate to buy a book for things in this day and age, but it’s also nice to have a reference that I can just pick up whenever and utilize.

*Edit* It’s going alright, but I really need to deal with the theme situation.  I have my own header but clearly need to implement it.  However, it’s 1am, so it will be dealt with later.

If anyone has any suggestions, they are always welcome.

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