Last Night An Editorial Calendar Saved My Life

by Jamie Sanford on May 17, 2013

This is the current draft of the editorial calendar for For a very long time, I was lost in terms of content creation, but this simple act of trying to be consistent with things has changed things immensely. I began experiencing this with last year’s nail polish project, but only in the past 2 months or so have I realized the power of the editorial calendar, and how it goes FAR beyond just writing a blog.

Recently, the Editorial Calendar taught me about the power of positive reinforcement. I know it seems insane that I would take until age 33 to learn it, but my entire outlook on things is better, all because I’m happy with my blog content, I’m proud of myself for accomplishing all of the things on the schedule for this week. Yes, I go to a job every day and I am pretty damn good at it, but this is something I am doing solely for myself. It’s a totally different experience.

I think back to growing up, and positive reinforcement wasn’t really present. There was always a focus on what I did wrong or what was wrong with me, as opposed to focusing on things that were good. Realizing this has illuminated things for me in a new way. All of the scripts burned into my brain are there to tell me what will go wrong, and how I will fail.  I read a bit about our mental scripts in a book on self-esteem that Chris Brogan recommended, but I couldn’t get through the book because it was too real. I still struggle with it, always going first to what could go wrong or how I could end up feeling uncomfortable, and it’s debilitating and has definitely stopped me from doing things or going after what I want. This isn’t a universal scenario, but it is enough to be problematic.

For now, I’m feeling positive. My blog posts for the week have been written and I am happy with the content. I have received multiple bits of praise regarding The Brand Experience Project, and it makes me feel so good about the hours it takes to write each of those posts. It has also helped me really find what it is that I’m passionate about in business, and that can only help everything in my professional future. So, onwards and upwards.

I would love to hear about anyone’s experiences with the editorial calendar, positive reinforcement, etc, in the comments.

Resources Related to Creating An Editorial Calendar:

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Lamps from Jill Rosenwald Studios

by Jamie Sanford on November 29, 2011

I was exposed to a great gift magazine recently while at tabletop market in October.  I love picking up magazines and introducing myself to new brands and designers, and I saw a feature including a lamp from Jill Rosenwald.  I just checked out Jill’s site and want to share a few lamps from her collection.  Fair warning, these are some PRICY lamps.

You all know how I feel about things that are black and white…but that is apparently navy blue.  Oh well, still fabulous. The shade is included which is a bonus.  The Jill Rosenwald Chevron Oval lamp is available if 3 colors for $395.

This looks like a classier, pissed off version of Toad from Super Mario Brothers. Go on, try to deny it.  The Jill Rosenwald Ikat Ball Lamp is available in 4 colors for $695.

This one is also tricking me because it too is navy.  I need black and white to be happening.  However, the shape is super fabulous.  The Jill Rosenwald Newport Teardrop Lamp (in 2 colors) is available for $650.

This is the lamp that got me excited to find Jill’s website.  As previously covered, I’m a bit of an anglophile, so it is no surprise that I am drawn to the Union Jack.  I want this lamp! The Jill Rosenwald Jack Brick Lamp is available (in 2 colors) for $530.

So there are my picks for some lamps.  It’s a random choice, but since I was so drawn to the Union Jack lamp, so there you have it.  You can check out the entire Jill Rosenwald collection here!

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Blog Recommendation: Swagger 360

by Jamie Sanford on March 16, 2011

Today’s site recommendation is a fabulous style blog that I’ve been following for a while, Swagger 360. Brought to us by Karl Edwin Guerre, the focus is largely on men’s style, with women (generally) featured in posts focusing on details such as shoes or accessories. The “Sick Shoe Game” posts are probably my favorite, but I enjoy everything I’ve seen on the blog. I’ve been meaning to feature the blog on my site for a while, but was especially wanting to do so today, since watching this fantastic short film covering Guerre and Swagger 360 in Paris during fashion week. It provides a fantastic view of Guerre’s thought process and follows him while he shoots.

Watch the film here.



Swagger 360 interview with Karl Edwin Guerre during fashion week in Paris from olivierlalin on Vimeo.


Go subscribe to Swagger 360 now.

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Kelly Framel Jewelry

by Jamie Sanford on November 19, 2010

I’m writing a second post today to point everyone to Kelly Framel’s jewelry shop.

Kelly is also known as The Glamourai, I’ve been reading her blog for some time now and absolutely love her style.  Her pieces are unique and handmade, and that skull ring needs to be mine.  A great option on her site is the layaway program – what a great opportunity to reserve one of her fabulous pieces and have some time to come up with the cash instead of saving up and realizing that someone else scooped it up!

Check out Kelly Framel Jewelry here.

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My Top 5 Posts.

by Jamie Sanford on October 22, 2010


Photo by Svenwerk on Flickr. Image is clickable.

I’ve never actually done one of these, but I figured why not.  I am slightly disappointed that over time, the most popular posts have been ones that I never really expected to perform well, but isn’t that always the way?

Product Review: Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore

Cosmopolitan magazine: good marketers, or an audience full of sheep?

Flickr Stats: Better, But Still Room for Improvement

Photo: Brahma Shrine at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater has a terrible photo policy.

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