Polish Project #40

by Jamie Sanford on October 18, 2012

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144. OPI Obscurity (from the Go Goth minis)
145. OPI Hi Pumpkin (from the So So Skullicious minis)
146. OPI A Rose From The Dead (from the So So Skullicious minis)
147. OPI Mourning Glory (from the So So Skullicious minis)
148. OPI Candlelight (from the So So Skullicious minis)

OPI Obscurity.

OPI Obscurity.

Back to an Instagram photo for this polish. I actually do not own any other black matte polishes, so I wanted to give this mini a shot.

Thoughts: The application was a bit rough, but I really dug the finish. It totally chipped the day after I applied it with no protective covering, so I guess maybe I will look into obtaining some matte topcoat.
Verdict: It’s unique so I am keeping it. I really like this matte finish.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious.

OPI So So Skullicious decals.

OPIs: A Rose From the Dead, Candlelight, Hi Pumpkin, Mourning Glory.

The brush in the OPI minis leaves a bit to be desired. However, the brush for Candlelight was the worst one. Luckily I didn’t actually use it for painting my nails.

My application of the OPI So So Skullicious polishes, and a decal from the set as well.

The packaging on this set is amazing. I took so many pictures because it really is fantastic. The Day of the Dead theme they have going on is really fun, and I love a decal, so this was calling to me right from the start. I decided to try using all of the polishes at once, and I’m still trying to improve my skills with the dotting tool. I think these dots are much better (and much flatter) than previous attempts, and the colors are really great.

Thoughts: Even with a big coat of topcoat, the black had a big chip the day after I painted my nails. However, I like all of the colors – particularly Hi Pumpkin and Candlelight since I don’t have anything else that look like those.
Verdict: These get to stay. If nothing else, at least the small bottles take up less space on the shelf.

How does everyone feel about Halloween manicures, or holiday-themed nails overall?

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Polish Project #34

by Jamie Sanford on September 27, 2012

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130. LA Colors Unnamed Black (from the set referenced here – can’t find this online)
131. Orly Flash Glam FX Can’t Be Tamed

LA Colors Unnamed Black and Orly Flash Glam FX Can’t Be Tamed.

BAM! Sparkletime.

Glitter detail.

Thoughts: I pretty much will not say no to a black polish since I love using black as the base for many manicures. This one is totally serviceable, and even if it sucks, putting a bunch of glitter on top will certainly add to the staying power. I found this Orly Flash Glam FX polish on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply, which I don’t understand since it is really gorgeous. I kept this manicure for a few days longer than normal, because the staying power was great and you can see how pretty it is.
Verdict: They both get to stay, and Orly Can’t Be Tamed is my current favorite glitter polish.

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Pearl Jam Twenty (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on December 11, 2011

90. Pearl Jam Twenty (available to stream on Netflix)

Here is the trailer for Pearl Jam Twenty:

[youtube 5qFlacHufUw]

Pearl Jam Twenty is a documentary that chronicles the 20-year span of rock band Pearl Jam. I was introduced to this band with all of my friends in the early 90s, and we all fantasized about Eddie Vedder and just loved the band and the music so much.  I had no idea that this documentary would end up making me as emotional as it did, but when certain songs were discussed, especially “Release,” I was a lost cause.  My connection to the music on my own personal level definitely influenced my reaction, but I imagine that anyone can relate.

I don’t want to talk about “plot” too much. There are interviews with everyone in the band, plus quite a bit of Chris Cornell, and no one minds that. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed the movie, and when you have obsessed over Almost Famous/Untitled as much as I have, you can see his style all over the place. It’s a really enjoyable film and an interesting study into the way a rock band works. I highly recommend a viewing, as soon as possible. Get on it.

Pearl Jam Twenty is available on DVD from Amazon for $17.99. Go get it right now.

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Vera Wang Does Not So Basic Black Wedding Gowns

by Jamie Sanford on October 25, 2011

Vera Wang Does Not So Basic Black Wedding Gowns

I would have worn a black wedding dress 5 years ago when I got married, if I had been able to get away with it – ie, if Vera Wang black wedding gowns had been on the market as an example. However, black wedding dresses were not all the rage, so I ended up with a white dress with a big black sash. I chose black and white as the wedding colors, and encouraged everyone else to wear black, since I wasn’t able to.

I will be wearing black for our upcoming vow renewal, even though that plan turned into a hot mess. (More on that soon.)

Anyway, I was surprised/disappointed/left calling out “FINALLY” when I saw that Vera Wang presented a number of dark and black gowns during her Spring 2012 bridal show. (Photos via

It’s about time, Vera. You’ve been teasing us with hints of black on dresses for years, but now you’ve taken the plunge. I hope this trend continues and I hope that brides who are like me will take this as an excuse to wear the black dress they want to wear for their wedding, regardless of it being a “wedding dress” or not.

Would you wear a black wedding gown? Talk about it in the comments.

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Ruche – Shopping for Color

by Jamie Sanford on September 20, 2011

Seeing as I’m supposed to be exploring style beyond black, I figured that posts where I shop for items that aren’t black would be a good idea.  I had Ruche‘s website bookmarked for ages and finally got back to it today.  Let’s check out some of my favorite items from the plus-size section of their website.  (Props of course to Ruche for having a plus-size section, since larger sizes are very often ignored by boutique shops!)

Ruche Boronia Curvy Plus Top in Berry, $28.99.  I’m slightly concerned that the “waist” on that will be under my boobs.  As long as it is under them though, it will be OK.

Ruche Catalonia Curvy Plus Ruffle Top, $28.99.  I have a dream for am outfit with this top, some well-fitting jeans and some wedges.

Ruche Ruffled Petals Floral Curvy Plus Top, $28.99.  I actually have a sleeveless top very similar to this, but I have only ever worn it underneath an item of black clothing with a little bit of the flowers sticking out.  This has sleeves so I would be into wearing it alone.  That shade of blue is really beautiful.

Ruche Omaha Upland Print Curvy Plus Top, $28.99.  This top is orange and normally I would pass everything that is orange.  However, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this fantasy shopping trip.  I love the print on the chest of this top.

Ruche Maison Bleue Wedges, $36.99. When I saw these, I knew I had to throw some shoes in for good measure.  These blue wedges would be more likely worn with my black outfits though. But come on, they are blue wedges!.  W

Check out Ruche’s fabulous boutique here.

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