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Formula One -Derland: Malaysia 2014

by Jamie Sanford on April 1, 2014

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After a rainy qualifying, Lewis Hamilton took pole, and Sebastian Vettel managed to get his way back to the front row.

Unlike last time, this race was pretty calm at the start.

The race was not that eventful either. Lewis Hamilton managed to stay in front the whole time, and there was some fighting behind him, but nothing super exciting. Except Felipe Massa ignoring team orders and not letting his teammate pass.

Nico Rosberg was second, Vettel was third.

Champagne inappropriateness.

(source) Then Benedict Cumberbatch showed up to interview the drivers on the podium. This is normally people who are affiliated with the sport, so this was odd. But, I enjoy him, so OK.

Apparently this was happening while Lewis was being interviewed.

Bahrain is this weekend!

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