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by Jamie Sanford on February 2, 2017

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An ad on Facebook totally worked on me, and I purchased a BeardBro for Will’s Christmas stocking. When I received my shipment, I was so incredibly happy with the packaging. I had just been through it with the NYX order packing issues, so this was a welcome change.

Tiny and perfect. This is the opposite of what I experienced with NYX. For a moment, I wanted to chalk it up to the BeardBro people only selling one thing, but it turns out that they sell a variety of items, so hopefully they are this efficient with all of their shipped packages.

My only wish is that these could have some sort of fun branding or identifying marks.

Of course, the BeardBro comes with an instruction manual.

My favorite part of this is the mention of the BeardBro YouTube channel, because watching a video has to be easier than trying to read along while you shave.

Shout out to Melbourne! I went to college with many people from the Melbourne area.

This is the product sleeve. The design and branding here is great. I love a subtle logo image in the background, instead of plain grey.

Looking at this item, you can see that the square sleeve is ideal.

I think I sort of offended my husband with this purchase, as he has yet to use the BeardBro. I will continue to hold out hope.

The BeardBro is available here.



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