Photography: Amelia Earhart Luggage at the Red Caboose Motel

by Jamie Sanford on December 21, 2015

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Will really likes trains, so I try and take him to as many interesting train things as I can. This trip was a surprise, and included the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, a train ride, and a stay in the Red Caboose Motel! All images taken with the Sony NEX-6.

I took some photos of one of my top 5 estate sale purchases while we were gone – meet the Amelia Earhart carry-on bag.


Here is the door to our room, cabin #1!

I really appreciated that the wheel there matched one of my all-time favorite estate sale purchases, and one of the best deals ever.

Look at how shiny the zipper is, and the general amazingness of the condition of the faux leather. I found this bag in what is called a “digger” – a house FULL of stuff that makes you work to find treasures. I saw this color peeking out in a pile of bags, and once I realized it was still tagged and unused, I knew I wanted it.

I also paid $2 for this bag. It was crazy. I later found out that this series of luggage branded with her name was produced in the 50s and 60s for the Baltimore Luggage Company. This bag held everything we needed for an overnight stay. (Here’s one in green on Etsy.)

I have another estate sale find that I will feature soon on the blog.

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Shopping for Grownup Backpacks

by Jamie Sanford on June 2, 2015

While we were in Dubai last year, we ended up using a small backpack that Will’s mom had in the house. It was helpful and also met the requirement of being a bag that wasn’t particularly gendered, so that we can trade it off between us.
Our current solution is a Ben Sherman crossbody bag. We are on our second one of these, and they have served us well. Plus, they are very cool.

However, this is still not ideal, since we sometimes have heavy items that cause shoulder issues, and also, the strap between your boobs isn’t always the best look. I have been hunting for a grownup backpack for us to use for months, and still haven’t found the winner. There are GREAT ones, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t currently have the budget for an $800 backpack.

I know this collection is a bit heavy on the Alexander Wang, but come on, they are all great-looking and will probably last you a lifetime. I have learned that buying well-made leather goods is always a good investment. They aren’t all leather though, the Tumi backpack is also great looking and the grey color is perfectly neutral. I like the look of the Olivia Harris white one, but the perforations seem impractical for wet weather. Bottom line? Fancy backpacks are fancy and totally expensive.

As mentioned above, I’m sure that the investment is probably worthwhile, and I would much prefer to buy something that I believe will last me for the rest of my life. Do you carry a bag or backpack? What’s your favorite?

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2012 Birthday Wishlist

by Jamie Sanford on December 2, 2012

My birthday is coming up soon (December 7th), so here is my fantasy wishlist. My real Amazon wishlist is much more accessible. This one will be about expensive things that I don’t expect anyone to buy me!

I tend to not buy expensive sunglasses, but these are so gorgeous. They are also $290, from Nordstrom.

…except that I just found these for $10.99. Retro City Sunglasses ftw!

Miu Miu Runway Shiny Leather Buckle and Fringe Oxfords – these are on sale for $525 at Saks.

Love the blue and I want to touch the leather. Balenciaga Arena Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo in Bleut, $1,895 at Barney’s.

SO COOL. iPhone speaker doc that uses a vintage gramophone. $422 from ReAcoustic on Etsy.

I have wanted this for years. A pop girl piece by Hulbert Waldroup. A commissioned one would be even better.

Something else I have lusted after for a while. The Lancaster Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware – the super deep Luxe edition. A mere $4,175.

I love Konstantino jewelry, and definitely would love this London Blue Topaz Crown Ring for $850. Neiman Marcus has a great selection of Konstantino jewelry.

The last item are these Miu Miu jeweled suede platform sandals. Also from Neiman Marcus, for $2100. These are a bit much but they remind me so much of a pair of YSL shoes that I was obsessed with years ago, so I want them.

That’s all – I will be spending a lot less money for my birthday but I intend on having fun which is priceless! Have a good week everyone.

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The Cloak Bag is a fantastic item for the upcoming holidays, for your friend who has the big fancy camera that they love to bring out on all occasions! This item is designed to protect your friend from having their camera stolen while on vacation in areas where tourists are preyed upon by thieves – situations in which having your big fancy camera out makes you a target.

This is the Cloak bag, and you can see the camera mounted inside of it.

This is the action shot. Not the prettiest thing, but since you’re able to quickly take your shot and then move on, it gets the job done.

There are fantastic reviews on the official website.  Most users focus on the camera-hiding feature, but some other also mention the benefits of keeping the camera safe from dust, debris, water, whatever environmental factors might be in play in the situation.  As someone who owns a DSLR and loves to travel with it, I would definitely consider buying this for myself.

The Cloak Bag is available in 2 colors for $49.

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Burberry Diaper Bag

by Jamie Sanford on August 26, 2010

I actually saw this item the other day while shopping for a baby gift, and it is fabulous.

It comes with a changing pad, and the canvas of the bag seems like it would be really easy to clean.

The Burberry diaper bag is available from Neiman Marcus for $850.

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