73 Questions with Nicole Kidman: Video Shopping

by Jamie Sanford on August 10, 2015

I haven’t done one of these in a while! My video shopping post on Adam Savage’s Everyday Carry is still really popular. His kitchen, less so, but I love that one even more.

As soon as I saw the video of Nicole Kidman answering 73 questions for Vogue’s popular video series, I knew I wanted to find some of the things in her lovely home on a farm in Australia.

[youtube kI2ucw7hP34]

How cute are the alpacas at the end?

Vogue’s website confirms that Nicole’s dress is Alberta Ferretti, but this is the closest version I can find on the website, so I assume it is from a few seasons back. Here are some other similar options:

The entryway. There is a medium-sized console table on the right, and above it, a mirror with what appears to be a textured frame. On the table is a lamp with some curves in the stand, and a clean, simple shade. In the items I found below, I didn’t take the shades into account.

I’m starting to think that Nicole and Keith’s home is harder to shop than I expected! Multiple Google searches didn’t locate an exact match for the plant stands in the hall.

Pool room! Apparently Ms. Kidman is a pool shark as well. A quality, full-size billiards table can set you back quite a bit, like this one from Neiman Marcus. The green hanging lamps can be found at a much more reasonable price on Amazon.

The library! I would love to spend time in here to see what sorts of books line the shelves, but in short, we can look for the easy-to-spot items.

I am excited to see a Deluxe Scrabble game board in the right side behind the tissue box. The book on the coffee table is The Complete Costume History, and from looking on Amazon, it looks like that might be the anniversary edition. I see that there is an Australian Almanac above the Scrabble board, and a book called The Don that I cannot find on Amazon. I wish I could read the rest of the titles!

Blurry screenshot, but that’s definitely a globe and an atlas on display on the shelf.

On the wall is a print (I assume) by John J. Gould, called Banksian Cockatoo. It’s available for $25 at Niagara Falls Gallery. Side note – how interesting is he?

John Gould (14 September 1804 – 3 February 1881) was an English ornithologist and bird artist. The Gould League in Australia was named after him. His identification of the birds now nicknamed “Darwin’s finches” played a role in the inception of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Gould’s work is referenced in Charles Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species.

Beautiful living room!

I don’t know what brand of piano that is, but let’s link to Steinway for good measure.

I cannot believe how difficult it is to find a better match for those lamps!

That is a BIG dining table. It looks like it belongs in a farm house, so it is perfect.

Nicole Kidman has young daughters, so the toy kitchen is an obvious addition to her house.

More toys! A little Tykes ride-on. Also a jogging stroller.

There’s a cute cottage on the property with this tiny kitchen in it. The appliances look too fancy for such a space, but it will have to do. There’s an electric kettle, a toaster, a microwave, and a Nespresso machine, from the looks of it.

Nicole takes the interview outside after being in the cottage, revealing that she likes truffle on pizza (which qualifies her to be my BFF), and she gave Keith Urban a vintage car and hid it in a barn and he freaked out. She pulls eggs out of her chicken house, shows off her black angus cows, and gets real about feeling raw. It’s really an excellent episode of this series.

Cute Alpacas! Also, that great hat.

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Formula One -Derland: Australia 2014

by Jamie Sanford on March 18, 2014

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Be sure to check the Formula One wiki for more complete results, or visit Planet F1.

Photos are from Planet F1 unless otherwise noted.

(Photo via We Heart It.) Kimi, as always, showing his excitement for the season.

The 2014 driver class photo.

(Source) Kobayashi had apparent brake failure during the race start and plowed into the back of Massa, ending the race for them both. As Kobayashi is on my fantasy team, I was miffed.

So, Valtteri Bottas had good qualifying, but then was pushed back due to a gearbox change. He managed to plow through the field in the beginning of the race, moving up something like 8 spots, and then tapped the wall and punctured a tire. He managed to get around to the pit lane for a fix, and meanwhile, his tire sitting in the road sent out the safety car, which allowed for him to catch up in the back of the pack. He finished 5th in the race, which is incredibly impressive. I’m so excited to watch him this season.

Other than cars dropping out like crazy due to technical issues (only 13 out of 22 finished), including retirements by marquee drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, the race was pretty uneventful. Nico Rosberg was in the front the whole way and finished with a big margin.

Daniel Ricciardo, driving in his first race for Red Bull, sort of came in second – he stood on the podium but was later disqualified for fuel consumption issues with the car. Seeing as it was his home race, this must be hurting him quite a bit.

And so it begins.

Malaysia in 2 weeks!


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Formula One -derland: Australia and Malaysia

by Jamie Sanford on March 26, 2012

The 2012 Formula One season started with back-to-back race weekends when I was really too busy to even be excited about it. 3 weeks until China!


Can I just say, I am EXCITED for this season already. Other than having to watch Speed Network’s F1 coverage which isn’t as enjoyable as the coverage from the BBC (and I saw a bit of Sky Sports coverage too, not too impressed there either), the Australia race weekend was full of surprises.

After McClaren locked out the front row in qualifying, Jenson Button pulled ahead at the beginning of the race and stayed there.  Champion of 2010 and 2011 Sebastian Vettel did not do too well in qualifying but pulled out a second place finish after an unfortunately slow pit stop that put Lewis Hamilton into third.  In response, Lewis acted like a baby and pouted during the podium ceremony, instead of enjoying the moment and focusing on the great points haul for McLaren.

My love for Jenson Button is continually growing. I enjoy him so much.

I am devastated that the amazing video I was going to share of Pastor Maldonado’s race in the style of Mario Kart is gone now. Poor Pastor was doing so well and crashed out during the last lap. The video blames this on a banana peel, naturally. If it comes back, I will post it.


The Malaysian race had no lack of drama, the least of which was my DVR not recording the last 15 laps because of the hour-long rain delay that had Jenson Button in the hospitality lounge having a cup of tea and some pasta. Seriously, that’s what we were hearing while Speed was doing whatever they could to fill time.  We did see some fun footage of old races though, so that was enjoyable. Also, Speed cut most of the delay out when they rebroadcast so I got to see everything else.

McClaren owned qualifying again (Lewis Hamilton on pole, Jenson Button in P2), but this qualifying resulted in Formula One legend (more on that later) and Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher in 3rd position on the grid. I have never seen Schumi get interviewed in the top 3 before, so that was a new experience. Golden Boy (and not my favorite, if it isn’t obvious) Sebastian Vettel qualified 6th.

Onto the legend thing. Speed showed this intro where all of the drivers that are past champions were turned into weird comic book characters. I need to find screenshots of the others, they are all hilarious and wrong.

Anyway, so the race restarted after the delay, and other than Bruno Senna plowing through the pack, there were not too many changes in lineup. Both Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel came together with Narain Karthikeyan, resulting in damage to their cars. Jenson took the blame for his accident, while Sebastian did not take the high road.

He was upset. But the finger wasn’t enough.

[youtube QEMb1LuHj-w]

He went out and called another driver an idiot after the race. Clearly, not winning all the time does not make wittle Sebastian a happy boy.

Seriously, Sebastian. Stop it. I like Formula One so much because the drivers are generally not complete d-bags. Don’t ruin it.

Fernando Alonso won the race in his POS Ferrari that hasn’t performed AT ALL this season.  He was really excited, and I was happy for him too.

However, I cannot be happier for anyone than 22-year-old Sergio Perez of the Sauber team, who was chasing Alonso like crazy at the end of the race, and managed to score his first career podium and BIG points for his team which will make a really big difference in the constructor’s championship.  Look at his big smile!  Lewis Hamilton came in third again, and seemed slightly less pissy about it than last week.  I guess 3rd isn’t so bad when your teammate, who won a week ago, finishes 14th.

China in a few weeks. The season is so hot already!

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