Audyssey iPod Dock

by Jamie Sanford on October 25, 2010

No theme this week – just going to show everyone some things I’ve been looking at but that didn’t fit into a theme.

First up, the Audyssey Audio Dock.

Sexy, right? I thought so too.

There is a lot of other information available on the website.  The Audyssey doesn’t end up in stores (Apple stores only, apparently) until November, and according to Engadget it will retail for $399.

You can sign up for emails to find out when it is available here.

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The iPad

by Jamie Sanford on April 8, 2010

Today’s wishlist is the hot tech item of the moment, the iPad.

While I don’t think this device is the be all, end all that people are making it out to be, I am pretty sure that everyone could find a use for it.

The iPad site is helpful, but I think the Wikipedia page has a great breakdown of everything about the iPad, all on one page.

Here is the breakdown of pricing, etc, from the iPad site.  The prices range from $499 to $829, depending on available storage space and 3G capability.

Do you intend to buy an iPad for yourself or someone on your gift list?

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