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Cropsey (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on September 24, 2011

68. Cropsey (available for streaming via Netflix and Amazon Instant Video)

Here is the trailer for Cropsey.

[youtube yJKPvaNEVjs]


Cropsey is a documentary about the legend of Cropsey, a story that spread in Staten Island, New York, an alleged boogeyman who kidnaps and kills children.  Eventually, the movie focuses on a man named Andre Rand, a convicted kidnapper and suspected killer of multiple children.

Cropsey is creepier than horror movies I have seen.  There were numerous children that disappeared from Staten Island that are covered in the movie, and only 1 body was ever found. Rand was convicted of kidnapping 2 of the missing children.

A big part of the investigation in the movie is regarding Willowbrook, a long-abandoned mental hospital on Staten Island, exposed by a young Geraldo as an absolute nightmare in terms of treatment and care for children with severe mental illness and/or physical issues. Rand worked at the hospital and had expressed feeling sorry for the children there, suggesting that he wanted to remove children that weren’t perfect from the world to spare them the same kind of fate.

Oh yeah, it is messed up.  I literally had moments watching this film where my stomach tightened with anxiety, and for a documentary, I find that very impressive. If you can handle the creepiness, Cropsey is well-done and interesting.

Cropsey is available on DVD from Amazon for $14.45.

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