Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on October 26, 2010

Photo of the week, from our trip to Bern’s Steakhouse – these are some ornate banisters.

Info from Unplggd on maximizing your laptop battery charge.

What is perhaps my favorite album ever, Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine, is being re-released.

Kelly Osbourne did a Closet Confessions video for Bluefly, and I love it. I’m quite charmed by her.

Anne Hathaway is on the cover of November’s Vogue. Red Carpet Fashion Awards covers it and I am in love. She’s fabulous.

Great post on optimizing reach through the secrets of the Facebook news feed.

5 simple Google Analytics tricks you should be using, from SEOmoz.

All Lacquered Up is my new favorite beauty blog, focus on nail polish – which is my current obsession.

I’m sure that the Mythbusters will try this out, but I might have to try it at my next party.

Harry Potter in less than a month! I’m so excited.

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Day 1 of Web 2.0 Expo.

by Jamie Sanford on September 18, 2008

So today was full of sessions (all in the media and marketing track for me) and then the keynote presentation in the afternoon.  First up, I will just say that it is so nice to attend a conference as an attendee and not an exhibitor. Second, how nice to be at a conference where everyone is sharing information that I’m really into. I went to conventions for years with my job to work the booth, and it’s nice to be on the other side for once.

So, here are the presentations I saw today.

  • Viral Marketing 2.0 with Jonah Peretti
  • Web 2.0 and the Reinvention of Marketing and PR with Brian Solis
  • Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking Decision Making in a 2.0 World with Avinash Kaushik
  • Keynotes from Fred Wilson, Deborah Schultz, Jason Fried, Maria Thomas and Gary Vaynerchuk (Keynote videos are available here.)

After watching the first 2 presentations, I found it fitting that I laughed more during Jonah’s presentation than Brian’s.  Of course the guy presenting on viral marketing is going to be funnier and more shocking, AS he was telling us that viral content tends to be funnier and/or more shocking.  Brian is coming from a PR perspective where embracing social media while still being in PR is very different than looking to create a viral phenomenon.  Brian made a great statement about how PR professionals need to be both anthropologists and sociologists and use the knowledge they gain to embrace social media in their work to their best advantage.

Brian also presented the “conversation prism” which I am sort of blown away by.  His blog is also fantastic.

One of Jonah’s tips was to create a mullet – as in, make your website business up front, party in the back.  He indicated that Huffington Post was a good example of this.  Another thing he mentioned in relation to the Huffington Post was that the team there is constantly reviewing the performance of items on the homepage, tweaking headlines and moving things around to get the most action on the site.  I can’t even imagine having the resources to have that sort of attention paid to getting the most out of your content.  Don’t get me wrong, the sites I work on do not have the same kind of content turnover as the Huffington Post.  However, if we had more time to really analyze the sites (utilizing the great information from the presentation by Avinash Kaushik), the potential of these sites could be reached. Avinash’s presentation was great (thank you to all of the presenters who made it entertaining and informative) – I am really looking forward to using Google Analytics again when I’m back in the office next week.

After a visit to the exhibit hall, I headed over to the keynote presentations.  Good setup, everyone had about 10-15 minutes and the presentations were concise and compelling.  Great choice of speakers.  Gary Vaynerchuk from WineLibraryTV finished up the presentations, and wow, that guy is energetic.  Also not one to bullshit, he tells it like it is and is clearly so passionate about people and how awful it is that so many of us are not doing what it is we dream about doing.  Not touchy-feely at all though, I just really enjoyed his presentation, and I don’t doubt that those around me felt the same.

I have more to say on the whole day but I am tired and will be back at the Javits tomorrow morning.

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