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The Experts (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on September 8, 2011

61. The Experts (available to stream via Netflix)

The trailer for The Experts doesn’t appear to be available online, so instead I share this scene where John Travolta dances with Kelly Preston.

[youtube ZlWvoyMN7yU]

The Experts is a movie about an elaborate KGB operation to infiltrate American society – they have built a town for their operatives to live in, which is meant to be in Nebraska, where they speak only English and generally act like Americans.  The major issue is that the town they’ve created is stuck in the 1950s.  One of the program leaders challenges this issue, and decides to bring in actual Americans to teach the town about the modern world.  They are naturally referred to as “The Experts” because everyone in the town assumes that they are KGB as well, brought in to test them.

Look at this hotness.

Travis (John Travolta) and Wendell (Arye Gross) are spotted in New York City and recruited with money and freedom to come to “Nebraska” and open a nightclub.  Thanks to some sleeping medication, the flight to the town in Russia goes by in a blink and they realize that they are in a town that looks to have stepped back 40 years.  They proceed with opening the club, and soon enough, they’re impacting everyone in the town.  The KGB project leaders aren’t happy and so things go downhill from there.

The Experts is a hotbed of 80s amazingness. John Travolta has an amazing mullet, Arye Gross’ wardrobe is a tribute to fashion of the 80s, and Kelly Preston emerges as the hot girl who can wield a gun.  I had a VHS of this movie that I recorded from the TV and I watched this movie probably 100 times.  Not sure why, but I watched it a lot in the early 90s.  I made my husband watch it with me, and he didn’t get it at all, and had trouble understanding if Wendell’s clothing was meant to be a mess or if he was the cool guy. The Experts is not a timeless film, but it is worth a watch.

This is super fitting – I am unable to find this movie on DVD.  However, a bunch of people are selling used VHS versions of The Experts on Amazon.

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