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Shopping for Grownup Backpacks

by Jamie Sanford on June 2, 2015

While we were in Dubai last year, we ended up using a small backpack that Will’s mom had in the house. It was helpful and also met the requirement of being a bag that wasn’t particularly gendered, so that we can trade it off between us.
Our current solution is a Ben Sherman crossbody bag. We are on our second one of these, and they have served us well. Plus, they are very cool.

However, this is still not ideal, since we sometimes have heavy items that cause shoulder issues, and also, the strap between your boobs isn’t always the best look. I have been hunting for a grownup backpack for us to use for months, and still haven’t found the winner. There are GREAT ones, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t currently have the budget for an $800 backpack.

I know this collection is a bit heavy on the Alexander Wang, but come on, they are all great-looking and will probably last you a lifetime. I have learned that buying well-made leather goods is always a good investment. They aren’t all leather though, the Tumi backpack is also great looking and the grey color is perfectly neutral. I like the look of the Olivia Harris white one, but the perforations seem impractical for wet weather. Bottom line? Fancy backpacks are fancy and totally expensive.

As mentioned above, I’m sure that the investment is probably worthwhile, and I would much prefer to buy something that I believe will last me for the rest of my life. Do you carry a bag or backpack? What’s your favorite?

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2012 Holiday Wishlist

by Jamie Sanford on December 20, 2012

My turn for a holiday wishlist. I’m very lucky and have already received and opened gifts from my husband’s family and I have already received so many amazing things, many from my Amazon Wishlist. I know people think it is boring to buy from wishlists, but I really love receiving things I picked for myself but probably wouldn’t spend my own money on – luxury stuff, beauty items, etc.

Anyway, the blog holiday wishlist is another beast. I’m going all out on some things I would never ask for. However, some of these aren’t bad at all.

Philip Crangi Trinket Box from the Target+Neiman Marcus holiday collection. This is currently $69.99, but since it isn’t sold out, I’m waiting for it (and some of it’s friends in that collection) to go on sale before I get one of my own.

Prada Flower-Applique Spazzolato Oxford. These are on sale at Neiman Marcus for $904. I would wear these to death. They are beautiful.

Antique Owl Watch Necklace from Fred Flare. A hot deal at $24. So cute.

OMG also from Fred Flare, this total fake McQueen studded clutch. $24.99!

A puppy! I only want a rescue dog though. Smaller than 15 lbs full-grown would be good.

The name is spelled incorrectly, but the Alexander Wang Jaime Chastity Satchel is still fabulous. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $925.

Finally, I would like Petra Island in upstate New York. On the island are 2 buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The island is heart-shaped. I am obsessed. I have been plotting a bigger blog post about it but I have to put it in my wishlist first. Does anyone have a spare $20 million to give me?

Happy holidays everyone. I am traveling for a bit but will be back to write my recaps before the end of 2012.

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