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Polish Project #16

by Jamie Sanford on August 19, 2012

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71. Orly After Party
72. OPI Designer…De Better

Date night manicure!

Orly After Party and OPI Designer…De Better.

Orly After Party after I applied it. Weird polish.

Added dots with Designer…De Better and a coat of Poshe.

Thoughts: I bought the Orly on a whim. Recently. While we’re in confession mode, I also bought A Englands while those were on sale and got Tristam and Lady of the Lake, that we will talk about in a later post. However, the point was to stop buying 8 bottles of polish a week, and that has been really successful. Anyway. I took the photo of After Party after I applied it because it was so odd looking. Sort of lumpy and matte. I was pissed about it, and scanned the polish wall for something to decorate it with. Some work with the dotting tool later (more to come on the dotting tool soon), and some topcoat, and I was good to do. I am all about the dotting tool right now. The Designer…De Better is not something I see myself using as a base coat, but maybe I will try again with stamping and use this polish.
Verdict: I have to test the Orly After Party with other dark blues. Designer…De Better will be fine to use for decorative purposes, so I will definitely keep that one.

Next up is a glitter test.

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