Site Recommendation: Cute Roulette

by Jamie Sanford on April 19, 2011

Cute Roulette people! I love cute animals on the Internet and this is like cute animal porn.  You scroll through YouTube videos of animals, mostly baby animals, doing adorable things like sleeping and existing.

Oh, you want examples of said cuteness? If you insist.

[youtube fzzjgBAaWZw]

Ninja kitty! My husband and I laughed so much watching this last night.

[youtube WPwZE-1h5YA]

Tiny puppies that look like Ewoks. You know you love it.

This is possibly even cuter than ZooBorns because of the video factor.  But you should check out ZooBorns too because it is also amazing.

That’s all for this short post. If you have cute websites to share, let us know in the comments.

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Revenge of the Nerds (100 Films in 2011)

by Jamie Sanford on March 15, 2011

18. Revenge of the Nerds (not available to stream on Netflix)

Trailer time! Here’s the trailer for Revenge of the Nerds.

[youtube Hw6zrInbtQE]

I caught this movie on one of my random movie channels a few weeks ago and recorded it.  I watched it alone and then half-watched it while my husband was seeing it for the first time!  I don’t think I had watched it since the 80s, and I really enjoyed myself.

The story of this movie revolves around a group of college freshmen, deemed nerds (a blanket term in this movie, for anyone who stands out as being different—whether that be from being a traditional intelligent “nerd” to being gay) who are forced out of their housing by a fraternity full of jocks.  While many of the ousted freshmen find their way into other fraternities, the nerds are left to their own devices.  They find their own house and embark on a journey to launch their own branch of Lambda Lambda Lambda, under the slight supervision of a member of the fraternity’s national leadership.

Their attempts at success are constantly thwarted by the jock fraternity that kicked them out of their housing to begin with, the Alpha Betas.

Ted McGinley as the alpha male leader of the Alpha Betas.

The Tri-Lambs pair up with the Omega Mus, a sorority made up of a variety of girls who are also “different” for you know, being overweight or of another ethnic background or appearing to be traditionally nerdy.  They fight back with both their intellect and know-how, and fight back in some more traditional ways as well.

When all else fails, panty raid!

I really love this movie.  Having not seen it in so long, I explained it this way to my husband: “It’s about accepting yourself and realizing that being different is OK and that it doesn’t define that you get .  With tits.”  I’m pretty sure I can’t get any more succinct than that.

Revenge of the Nerds is available on DVD (The Panty Raid edition) from Amazon for $9.24.

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