Photos: Watching the inauguration.

by Jamie Sanford on January 22, 2009

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to bring my DSLR to work yesterday, but I did bring out my trusty Sony W70 point-and-shoot to photograph the group of people who came together in the cafeteria at work yesterday to watch the swearing in of Barack Obama and the address that followed.

Full set on Flickr.

Watching the Inauguration 3.

Watching the Inauguration 2.

Watching the Inauguration 5.

Watching the Inauguration 11.

I’m actually glad that my CNN Live connection was terrible – I liked having the experience of watching with a group.  Where were you when our new president was sworn in?

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New Year, changing it up.

by Jamie Sanford on January 6, 2009

Hi everyone.

I haven’t written in some time. 

I don’t like resolutions since I haven’t really ever stuck to one.  I am working to change the way I do things online, starting with this morning’s overhaul of my Google Reader and iGoogle Homepage.

I would like to aim for 15-20 blog posts per month.  I don’t think that daily is going to happen, but I will certainly try. 

I also am working on a plan to improve my connectivity.  Yes, I’m all set up at home and at the office, I post lots to Facebook and Twitter from my cell, but I need to have more connectivity to keep up with everything.  I went on a road trip from December 19-29, and while we had our new netbook along, I could only connect in the hotel and my husband and I can’t both use that netbook at the same time, and if he gets to the computer first, I’m ready to sleep by the time he is done.  My parents house doesn’t have wireless and their computer isn’t my computer and I got the netbook so that I wouldn’t have to use other people’s computers.

To resolve this a bit, I think I will need to upgrade my phone to something with a bit more going on.  I would love recommendations on this from anyone willing.  I have not heard good things about the Blackberry Storm and the data plan is more than I’m willing to spend.  I could go Blackberry Curve, but I really am in the dark because I wasn’t interested in my phone being so involved in the past.  However, I don’t think I can do all that I want to do without having my phone work with me as well.

I want to keep sharing photos, even though I’m pretty active on Flickr, I love sharing here as well.  I want to talk more about what I don’t know and what I’m doing to learn. 

I turn 30 this year, it’s really dawning on me although I would like to think that age doesn’t matter.  It apparently does, and I’m hoping that this helps to motivate me to do all of these things this year.

Happy 2009.  See you soon!

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