Sunday Link Party!

by Jamie Sanford on June 20, 2010

Sorry I missed last week.  Life is busy!

Photo of the week – I chose my Flickr photo with the most views ever.  I had quite a few chances to go backstage during the run of Shrek the Musical on Broadway (one of my greatest friends was in the show during its Broadway run), and I had taken a number of random snapshots.  And so here is the head of the dragon.

Dragon backstage at Shrek the Musical.
Gay? Whatever dude! (New York Times) Apparently straight men are becoming more and more comfortable with their gay counterparts.

Faux dirty undies as a safe in your home. Walter from The Big Lebowski would love it, but mostly I just think it is gross.

This is old (from a month ago) but a great list. 50 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading. (Ignite Social Media)

Sesame Street confirms that Bert is out and proud. (Pink Is The New Blog) This seems to go along with the first link I posted there.

Breaking Dawn will be 2 movies – and style experts are already planning the wedding of Edward and Bella.

This video is a clip from the classic game show Match Game, which you should definitely watch if you catch it on Game Show Network.  The contestant answers “boobs” and its all downhill from there.

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