Sights & Sounds 34: Whitney Houston Edition

by Jamie Sanford on February 12, 2012

Sights and Sounds 34: Whitney Houston Edition

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston yesterday, as many of you probably were as well. I know that not everyone has the same experience or memories associated with Whitney and her music, but I have a lot. I had a teenage sister in the 80s, so pop music was king. I have a mom who was OBSESSED with The Bodyguard and the soundtrack, and so I have to start this out with a video of “Queen of the Night” from the soundtrack to The Bodyguard.

[youtube rFcnGLFGbL8]

For those of you who do not frequent bars with dance music, know that Whitney has been alive and well in the club for years with remixes of this song – “It’s Not Right, But It’s OK.

[youtube 6J538b-OLRU]

This song too, also a club favorite. Check out the video for “Heartbreak Hotel.”

[youtube xEmdW3_bi4c]

One of my earlier favorites from Whitney Houston is “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” Check out the video.

[youtube 0H-jLOoz-YY]

Whitney also did a duet in 1998 with one of my all-time favorite artists, George Michael.  Check out “If I Told You That.”

[youtube 7EjfbyCpAxA]

Naturally, I have to end this post with Whitney Houston’s epic recording of the Dolly Parton song, “I Will Always Love You.” If nothing else, this song guarantees that Whitney Houston will live on for a long time to come.

[youtube 8QaI-M9sxW4]

Rest in peace, Whitney.

Everyone, please share your favorite Whitney songs and memories in the comments!

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