Project Overload.

by Jamie Sanford on January 31, 2012

I have been largely neglecting this blog for about a year, because it was always meant to be a place for random thoughts, and I was working on a more focused idea over at Not So Basic Black.  However, I struggled to get through the end of last year on that blog, and since then, have only written the post saying that I was taking a hiatus from the blog. (UPDATE: I did write a few future posts over the weekend. Nothing significant though.)

I find myself largely avoiding the computer at night as of late, and the only thing I can assume is that it’s finally catching up with me that being online all day, writing blog posts for work, tweeting and interacting with customers on Facebook, all of this is coming together and making me completely uninterested in creating more content at night.

[youtube d_qx6CHLY5w]

Oh this is me a little bit. Hilarious.

It’s good in a way, since my focus is on my job and I’ve been creating more content there as of late, which is my favorite part of this job.  Check out my Elvis Presley post!

So, right now, I have the following projects in motion.

Should I list the full-time job there as well, or is it assumed?

So I’m busy, and I think something has to go.  The podcast takes the least amount of work, it’s mostly just me and one of my best friends having a blast talking about many different topics, while being wildly inappropriate. We even have a tentative “yes” on an interview for the show that I am REALLY excited about.

I’ve thought about moving most of the Not So Basic Black content to and just having my site be a home base for “things I want to talk about,” whether it be me talking about business and marketing or reviewing a movie.  It would probably be easier to handle, and would take me down to 4 projects instead of 5. Magnets and Stuff is very embryonic and needs a lot of work, work that I haven’t found the time for yet. I need to finish my judging for The Communicator Awards and I have some other things happening right now.

January has been a month of stewing on a lot of things, which I think I needed, at least for my personal projects. I’m ready for February, and the rest of 2012, to be more productive and leave me feeling accomplished and fulfilled (as opposed to overwhelmed and feeling like I’m not getting enough done) at the beginning of next year.

How is everyone doing with their 2012 so far?

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