Product Review: Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques

by Jamie Sanford on April 26, 2013

Product Review: Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques

You’ll notice this is a review, and not a product pick. There is definitely a difference in these 2 types of post.

I recently posted about using the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, which I really loved. I was browsing at Walgreens and came across the Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliques and decided to try them out to compare them.

Here’s the product description:

Essie Sleek Stick 2013 Collection Nail Applique is a unique stick-on nail color that you place directly on your fingernails for a fresh, long-lasting manicure. Formulated to be chip-resistant, it leaves a smooth and seamless finish and lasts for 14 days without losing its luster. A great alternative for those who prefer an easy and convenient way to get a manicure at home with salon-worthy results. Stickers and Stones is a bubbly cabochon angora pewter shade.

I purchased the grey appliques with dots/stones, called Sticks and Stones. Here is the result:

Pardon my dry cuticles, I did not feel safe applying any moisturizer once these were on.

They don’t look too bad, but I worked for a decent result so I could go out to the party I was attending that night without having to re-do my nails. The concept is the same as the Sally Hansen strips – put them on, then bend the excess over the edge of your nail and file off. The filing didn’t work too well at all, I had a lot of trimming to do to make them right. In addition, because they are stickers and not strips of actual nail polish, they are harder and sharper – meaning that the edges are quite blunt and running my fingers through my hair was a disaster.

I started to have the edges of these pull up very quickly, and after washing my hands at the party, started having even more trouble. They bothered me all night, and I took them off before I went to bed that night.

The designs that Essie has on these are really lovely, so I’m unhappy with the experience I had in trying them. I was really disappointed, given the cost and my expectation level. I will not be using these again.

The Essie Sleek Stick Appliques are available from your local drugstore, or Amazon.

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