Product Pick #13: Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

by Jamie Sanford on June 24, 2016

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I am late on this palette. It was the RAGE when it came out before Thanksgiving last year, but I was intent on not buying another eyeshadow palette, and definitely not for $59. I picked it up a few weeks ago, since the price had dropped significantly, and I did really want it.

Well now, it’s dropped again, this time to $25! This is particularly incredible, as if you were to buy this many individual shadows from Urban Decay, it would cost $228.

Admittedly, this palette was put together by a very pale person, so these shadows are apparently much better suited for other pale people. I am of the pale variety of skin tones, so these work incredibly well for me. I cannot speak to how they might look on darker skin tones. I can attest to the quality of the shadows – they are, for the most part, wonderful to apply and very blendable. The pink one, Harajuku, is my least favorite in terms of application and formula.

I can also confirm that while there are a lot of neutral eyeshadows that look similar, they are quite different on the skin and provide a lot of different options for mixing and matching eye looks.

I’ve linked a few places below to buy this palette (the widget isn’t updated but the prices on Ulta and Sephora are definitely updated to $25, I expect Macy’s will follow shortly). At the current price, it’s an amazing value, and a great gift for yourself or someone else you know that loves makeup.




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