Prince, 1958-2016

by Jamie Sanford on April 21, 2016

I saved this gif to my computer earlier this week, before the untimely death of Prince.

Prince’s music was around when I got into music as a kid, when I first started being INTO music. Plus, his inherent sexiness was an awakening for young Jamie – in a similar fashion to David Bowie, which I talked about earlier this year.

I would house-sit for some neighbors when I was a pre-teen and would borrow CDs from their collection sometimes to listen to at home. They had Prince’s The Hits 1 and The Hits 2 in the collection, and I took them home and devoured them. While Bowie certainly awakened something in me that I figured out later was just being a normal human feeling feelings, Prince really told me some things about actual sex. (Examples here and here, a small selection.)

I mean, the man showed his bare ass on live television in 1991!  (There is no good YouTube version of this performance for me to embed into this post.)

Here’s a great video from the NFL’s YouTube channel about Prince’s legendary halftime show, in the rain! (I can’t embed this one either.)

Reign in purple, Prince Rogers Nelson.


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