Polish Project #39

by Jamie Sanford on October 14, 2012

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26. OPI Do You Lilac It? (Retesting)
140. 10 Lacquer Showtime
141. Sinful Colors Fiji
142. Funky Fingers Riot
143. OPI Grape…Set…Match

OPI Do You Lilac It, 10 Lacquer Showtime, Sinful Colors Fiji, Funky Fingers Riot.

OPI Grape…Set…Match.

OPI Do You Lilac It, 10 Lacquer Showtime, Sinful Colors Fiji, Funky Fingers Riot.

OPI Grape…Set…Match.

Index: OPI Grape…Set…Match, Middle: Funky Fingers Riot, Ring: Sinful Colors Fiji, Pinkie: 10 Lacquer Showtime. (Dots in all of the colors.)

Closer view of the dots. The Grape…Set…Match dots were really fun.

The dotted manicure was worn over a month ago, I don’t know what happened with the images. However, I’m glad I found them for this purple testing batch. I have way too many purples so some of these need to go.

Do You Lilac It? is a great formula, and I have no other colors that are even close. It’s more pastel than I would normally do, but I think it will be great for dots and sponging in the future. 10 Lacquer Showtime has a good formula but the color isn’t blowing me away. Sinful Colors Fiji is another good polish – but I have a lot of purples and have to pick some. Funky Fingers Riot was picked up at Five Below, it’s a deep-colors blurple. The finish is a bit more matte than I anticipated but that is why we have topcoat. OPI Grape…Set…Match is from the Serena Williams collection, and is cute, but again, I’m trying to control the collection and some purples are going to have to go. It does look really fabulous in the dots application though.

Thoughts: There aren’t any polishes in this group that stand out as particularly bad in terms of usage, but I am trying hard to eliminate some so there are not so many repeats.
Verdict: Only keeping Do You Lilac It?, all of the others go to the share pile.

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