Polish Project #13

by Jamie Sanford on August 13, 2012

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61. Fresh Paint Witchcraft (Found at Five Below a while back, can’t find it online)
62. A England Elaine
63. Essie Velvet Voyeur
64. Estee Lauder Berry Desire (Random eBay result – this seems to be unavailable in the US)

My pictures will be improving soon. In a few posts, I will start using the photos from my SLR, which are much improved.

Wow, I need to improve application near the cuticles there. Oy.
From index finger down – Fresh Paint Witchcraft, A England Elaine, Essie Velvet Voyeur, and Estee Lauder Berry Desire.

You can see in the picture of my nails that where I missed a coat is where you can see the real color. My index finger looks a lot bluer in this photo, and my pinkie is much more on the burgundy side, but I got away with everyone thinking I had the same color on all of my nails.

Thoughts: These are ALL good polishes. Especially impressed with the Fresh Paint that I think I paid like $2 for at Five Below. Application on all was easy enough, no brutal brushes or formulas to deal with.
Verdict: The plan for now is to share the Fresh Paint and the Estee Lauder with Mom, and hoard the others for me. I can’t resist a vampy dark polish.

What’s your favorite dark purple polish? Share in the comments.

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