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by Jamie Sanford on July 12, 2017

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I have been randomly exposed to Peter Thomas Roth products for the last few years. I was really excited when Nouveau Cheap told me about a Memorial Day sale that Peter Thomas Roth was having on travel-sized products, as it was the perfect time to try out a number of products for both William and me.

This is the first email I received, when I signed up to receive emails. This is simple and lovely. Things go weirdly downhill from here.

This is outright depressing after the first one.


  • Not pretty at all. I know they can make more beautiful emails since I just received one.
  • No indication of how long I should expect to wait before my order ships. Why isn’t this standard practice by now?
  • NoReply email addresses are the most unfriendly. You can indicate somewhere else that no one should reply, and make the email address that a customer sees something lovely like
    • The from name in my gmail inbox was simply “Noreply.” At least change the name of your NoReply email address to your company name.

This is not better! The same unfortunate email address and from name, an ugly link that could certainly be hidden under a button or link that says “track my shipment,” and again, no design elements to speak of.

This is a mid-to-high end skincare brand, and the products are legitimately great, but this lack of attention to detail is disappointing.

If anyone at Peter Thomas Roth would like to talk to me about a site consultation, please contact me.



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