Nail Polish Picks for Small Holiday Gifts

by Jamie Sanford on November 15, 2010

Catch Me In Your Net

OPI's Catch Me In Your Net

Nail polish is one of my latest obsessions and so I have created my own Amazon store to showcase some of my favorites that I think would be great gifts for the holidays.

I stopped biting my nails earlier this year after doing so for as long as I can remember. (If only it were that simple to adjust other bad habits I’ve had for years and years…) So naturally, after I realized how expensive it was to be getting manicures from the professionals on a regular basis, I started buying nail polishes.  I started reading fabulous blogs about nail polish like All Lacquered Up and Let’s Go Sparkling.  I started experimenting with different sparkly topcoats.  I realized that like having colorful necklaces and bags, my nails can be a fun colorful accessory to go with my generally all-black outfits.

OPI has emerged as my favorite brand of nail polish, but I have polishes from a number of different brands. My current collection of nail polishes has inspired the creation of this store on Amazon, containing most of the polishes in my current collection!

I would love to hear about readers’ favorite polishes in the comments!

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