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by Jamie Sanford on March 25, 2017

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I have written a previous blog post about an Mpix email, where I wasn’t happy about a tracking number that wasn’t linked.

I am happy to be back with a positive review of the typical “you put something in your cart, please come back and buy it” email. However, the content of this email is what made me think it was worthy of a blog post.

Instead of a basic message of “there’s something in your cart,” this is a reiteration of Mpix’s message of quality process and product. While the message is undoubtedly a sales pitch, it is delivered in such a way that I don’t mind the effort to convince me to finish my purchase. A short and sweet description of why Mpix is great, their fast service and quality products.

I haven’t yet finished my purchase but will undoubtedly do so.


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