Link Tank #44

by Jamie Sanford on August 8, 2017

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Throwback to happier times for McLaren F1. And really enjoyable ads featuring F1 drivers.

Nine Inch Nails is BACK, and playing festivals this summer and fall. Here’s the full livestream of their set from the Panorama Festival.

We didn’t go to the festival, but the next morning, got an invite to a surprise Nine Inch Nails show at Webster Hall. It was ridiculous and hot and packed but super fun.

These bookshelves are being specified for a baby’s room on a Beautiful Mess but I think they would be good anywhere.

Hidden features and third-party program for Spotify improvements.

From the Kitchn: the ultimate guide to cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

From Advanced Style, an advanced love post from a couple that have been married for 60 years!

I saw a recent photo of Queen Elizabeth and was stunned by this tiara with aquamarines. It turns out that this piece has a long history.

Jamie Beck’s French adventures are already making me envious, but her Provence self-portrait series is next level. Her version of The Last Supper is stunning.

David and I were out on a random day of estate sailing and I saw this house and stopped immediately, because it looked so much like a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It turns out that the Kessler House was designed by an architect who trained under Frank Lloyd Wright, John Rattenbury. You can learn about the house, and its restoration, here and here.

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