Link Tank #37

by Jamie Sanford on October 28, 2016

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37! (Here is the reference, this video is NSFW.)

I am pretty excited for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to reunite for their own television show.

Tips to refresh your living room, from A Beautiful Mess.

You can use this tutorial to make fancy pumpkins that look much more expensive than they are, from The Desert Blossom.

[youtube QMP4Ncjt3YM]

Liz Taylor, who apparently enjoys being Liz Taylor.

Interesting piece on ‘the gaslighting of millennials.” This is a weird subject for me, I apparently was born a month before the line for “millennial” begins, so I’m mostly there. I don’t think you can assume that everyone born in that time period is the same, but the points being made about the requirements of college and experience and money are real, and the older generation doesn’t seem to quite get it.

I love an article that tells me that my habits mean I am smarter.

Life lessons from Anthony Bourdain.



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