Link Tank #14

by Jamie Sanford on June 27, 2014

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How great is this from Spring 2007?

I read a book about minimalism a while ago, but I might try this one called “Getting Rid Of It,” from the couple who sold all of their stuff to travel around the world. It’s an appealing thought.

IFB: How To Balance Blogging with the Day Job.

Wine Folly: A basic guide to food and wine pairings!

Buzzfeed reviews the Teen Issue of Vanity Fair from 2003. Oh, memories.

My favorite Amy Winehouse song. I wish she was still around.

Buzzfeed: Nine Inch Nails videos that are basically Stefon clubs. This never gets old.

I feel like we should all read the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying on a weekly basis, to remind ourselves to not end up there.

These photos of subway construction in NYC are crazy!

I love all of these closets featured on HuffPo.

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