Link Tank #12

by Jamie Sanford on April 25, 2014

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It’s Leica’s birthday and they’ve created another expensive camera to celebrate! Yay!

Florida stories, almost always terrifying.

This guide to Savannah from Ann Street Studio is going to help for my next trip.

Joy Reidenberg is one of my heroes, and here she talks about whales and how they breathe and communicate.

Gala gives us 50 ways to beat blogger’s block.

WorkAwesome gives us a list of how to incorporate personal growth into your workplace.

Also from WorkAwesome, 3 rules for dressing to impress in the office. This list has a lot of tips for dressing well in general.

How to make a gif in 5 steps. You will need Photoshop.

Creative DIY methods for hiding things, from Make via Tested.

27 Underrated Things About Being in Your 30s. Some of these are really true!

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