Instagram Roundup #93

by Jamie Sanford on June 25, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Still posting Bermuda photos. I miss the compact vehicles and pastel buildings.

More pastel!

Dylan McKay babywear!

Love Adam Savage!

Throwback Mom and Dad.

Root beer at the office.

I finally used the Maleficent palette. I love MAC shadows.

Was trying to photograph my Celapiu mini antlers, then saw the halo on the ceiling, then William jumped in the back.

We found a lovely trail near our house.

We use a hurricane lamp that was a centerpiece at our wedding as a holder for matches. I pulled them all out and decided to lay them out to see everyone. There’s also an old $20 on the right. Also, lots of evidence of bachelor parties.

Wonderful regram from Lewis Howes.

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