Instagram Roundup #68

by Jamie Sanford on December 4, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

The doughboy is looking rough.

William made dinner. I can’t even take any credit. I helped with the peach cobbler from the night before, but I didn’t do anything with our Thanksgiving for 2. It was lovely.

My Throwback Thursday post was this picture of my Christmas tree from 2010. I have traveled for Christmas every year since then and so have not put the tree up again. I actually miss it and hope to stay home and have a tree sometime soon.

I watched Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving special. As someone who experiences a lot of drag, I can tell you that most drag queens do not want to be in HD, but RuPaul looked AMAZING!

We played real Scrabble! It’s pretty satisfying to hold the tiles and spin the board.

This is my wrapping of Will’s birthday present. It’s pretty fancy since I normally default to gift bags and don’t use a lot of ribbon. About an hour after I did this (and was all proud of my effort), Will wrapped a birthday gift for me and his looks 1000x better. That picture will probably come next week.

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