Instagram Roundup #67

by Jamie Sanford on November 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I’m not a fan of leaving work when it is dark out.

Pretty disappointed in these stamps from the automated kiosk at the post office. Why the bar code?

The gorgeous Wadee’ah made strawberry shortcakes for ladies night at my house last weekend. They were delicious.

We were too busy talking for photos, so selfies on the porch at the end of the night had to work.

Part 2.

Very short trip into NY on Sunday. It was super cold but stunning outside.

Watched the last Formula One race of the season. My love for Fernando Alonso has not waned.

Will’s Mom and Dad sent gifts from their travels a few months ago. We have cute Christmas decorations from Nice, and this spoon rest from Malta, which I love so much.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

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