Instagram Roundup #65

by Jamie Sanford on November 13, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I had never done the Flatiron photo as a selfie before!

We went to the cemetery to hang out on Saturday, and Will looked cute in his colder-weather gear.

Then I laid down on the ground in the leaves, as you do.

The colors were gorgeous, and the leaves are mostly gone just a few days later.

I don’t want a headstone (or to be buried at all), but this 20-foot cross was certainly on the scale of what I would want, were I to go that way with my final plans.

Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary. Throwback shot, this is my favorite picture of us from that day. It’s one of only a few that are natural and not so forced. We did too many portraits that day. I would go back in a heartbeat to rethink that photo list.

Back in the city again, and it is COLD now. I guess fall is over.

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