Instagram Roundup #63

by Jamie Sanford on October 30, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

I used the saran wrap technique to make a sort of marbled design on my nails. This is A England She Walks in Beauty as the base, with A England Lady of Shalott on top.

Saw this on the way to work. Creepy.

Went for a lovely short walk/hike with Will on Saturday. The fall is definitely falling.

Will decided to put on the Michael Myers mask and stand in the back of the storage unit. Creeptown. However, you can see the amazing organization of my storage unit there. We have 2 rows of storage containers (all numbered, since I have a list of the contents of each box on my computer) creating a hallway in the center for easy access to everything.

The theme for the night at the bar I was going to was “haunted disco” so I bought myself this puffy wig at CVS. I also tried to make myself even paler, added red eyeshadow like crazy, then put on my vampire cape and my fancy little tophat, which helped the wig out tremendously. Added a dark lip and some blood around my mouth and I was good to go.

I saw lots of crazy costumes. It’s the most fun though to see things like weird demons taking cell phone shots.

Happy Halloween!

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