Instagram Roundup #55

by Jamie Sanford on September 4, 2013

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My apologies for the lack of posting since last week’s roundup. I was sick, and then sort of stayed away from my computer over the long weekend.

A different view of our floor in the storage unit building.

Found out while watching Who Do You Think You Are? that Cindy Crawford‘s 10th great grandfather hung out with MY 8th great grandfather when they came to the US from England. She was presented with this book during the show, and Will obtained it for me so that I could review it. This book smells old and awesome, and the pages feel brittle. I have only skimmed so far, but there’s a lot of interesting information about the people who started this colony in CT in the 1600s.

Mostly was in hiding over the holiday weekend, but did get online to watch Nine Inch Nails at the Made in America festival. This is my 5th show live-streamed this summer, and it’s been a treat.

Will went through a ton of stuff in his desk/office area over the weekend. He found a number of hard drives that had to be altered before being recycled. I would not want anyone pulling my old hard drive out of the discarded pile, plugging it in and trying to find out my SSN and my blood type. No thanks.

This is Boomer, my aunt’s pug. He has a lot more grey hair in his face now that he is getting older.

After reading about it for ages, I bought bee pollen at the NJ state fair, and have been on 2 tbsp a day ever since. I should have done proper science on this but instead, I’m just eating it every day and hoping it is helping my situation.

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