Instagram Roundup #123

by Jamie Sanford on June 10, 2015

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

When I was in Florida for Mom’s birthday, Cooper always wanted to sit with me. I’m about to do my makeup here, and he wouldn’t give it up, so I put him in the chair next to me. He apparently likes it now.

Estate sailing!

We went on a crazy estate sale journey on a stunning spring day.

Look at that sky!

We’ve been frequenting a local park, and they have peacocks there!

There’s a gorgeous art installation in Madison Square Park. Selfie bait.

We went to Canada, and I continued my journey of trying different chip flavors. These are “all dressed,” which are just slightly spicy and delicious.

I don’t know how this works because the train is moving but you can see me there in St. Clair station in Toronto.

I finally found an estate sale with antlers. I bought too many of them.

I got to spend a gorgeous evening at a park and Shake Shack with these wonderful women who are taking a course with me. Thanks, Internet!

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