Instagram Roundup #111

by Jamie Sanford on November 12, 2014

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Dinner at Mt Fuji with my crew! Pete came to visit for the weekend.

Pete and I went to the Museum of Natural History on Friday.

Pete won me 2 stuffed creatures in 2 tries. He is full of magic.

On Saturday, we took Pete estate sailing. I saw this atrocity in one of the houses.

The branding on old boxes is one of my favorite parts of going to estate sales.

I am starting a series of photos called “when branding makes you question a food product,” because that Dill Weed has been in that jar for like 50 years.

Pete and David, looking at tools.

We wound down the weekend with a trip to the car wash after I dropped Pete off at the airport. Will is really nice and lets me sit in the car while he washes it.

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