Instagram Roundup #108

by Jamie Sanford on October 23, 2014

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Halloween box is out! Not sure of plans though.

We went back to Milford, CT to visit the Milford Historical Society. Since my 9th great-grandparents are town founders there, we went to see if they had any information on the family. It turns out there isn’t too much, but we have to go back and visit the town library for their genealogy room.

Estate sailing continues, and of course we found a house with multiple creepy clown paintings.

Right after the clowns was the noticing the line of wishbones by the ceiling. What the hell.

Went to Margaretville, NY with Mom, Dad, and William to show Dad some of the ancestral stuff we found there a few months back. We took this photo of 4 generations of our family. Me, Dad, Dad’s great-grandfather Cornelius Sanford(front right) and great-grandmother Sarah Faulkner Sanford (she’s on the other side of the same headstone), and next to me is Dad’s great-great grandfather, Jeremiah Faulkner.

Mom and I tried to take a selfie with the beautiful valley behind us, but I forgot to use HDR so the back is blown out.

We ended the day at a farm, too late to pick apples but we did get to look at all of the pumpkins and buy apple cider. A successful outing.

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