Hard Drives and Related Items

by Jamie Sanford on March 23, 2011

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Hard drives are a part of all of our lives now, and I know that many of us have one or more external hard drives in order to easily transport files with us, or to use as a file backup system. I had seen this first hard drive previously and when I revisited it, decided to try and see what else I could find in the realm of hard drives.

Jatoba Wood External 500GB Portable Hard Drive EnclosureThe first item in this set that I found was this sexy hard drive that I found on Etsy.  Here’s the product description:

This enclosure was fabricated from left over slabs of Jatoba from a kitchen remodeling project. The grain is exquisite in this one-of-a-kind piece. Once shaped and wet-sanded to near perfection, the wood was then hand oiled and polished with a protective finishing wax. These products are all Mother Earth friendly and biodegradable.


The internal electronics are provided by Western Digital. This is a 2.5″ 500GB SATA device with a USB 2.0 interface. The unit is completely POWERED VIA THE PROVIDED USB CABLE, and I have preformatted the unit as a single NTFS partition for Windows. Apple users will need to reformat the drive to meet their needs. These drives are extremely “Green” due their low power consumption and near-zero heat dissipation.

This beautiful yet functional hard drive is available from Etsy seller BPCustomWoodworks for $129.

NES Legend of Zelda 500GB External Hard DriveThis hard drive is totally retro.  My brother and I had this game for our Nintendo, and this one has been disassembled to enclose a 500GB hard drive!  This upcycled video game is available from Etsy seller 8BitMemory for $99.99.

Slate Grey Bird on Cherry Blossom CaseFor those of us who already own a portable hard drive, this case is probably a great idea.  My husband often tells me that I need to treat the hard drive I carry around with me with more respect, and having a case would probably be a good step in that direction.  It also has a cute print, so the appeal is even greater.  Etsy seller joom offers this item for $20.

Computer Hard Drive Rings NecklaceHard drives are not just for data storage – apparently their components can be used for making jewelry. These rings act as platter spacers in hard drives, and are actually pretty cute.  Etsy seller zosolicious offers this stealthily nerdy necklace for $37.

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