Happy New Year!

by Jamie Sanford on January 4, 2012

DSC07392Cooper at Christmas. Cooper is my brother's dog.

I haven’t written a post here since April.  I have been busy with writing at Not So Basic Black (formerly The Daily Wishlist), and I ended up watching 95 of the 100 planned films in 2011.  Not too shabby.

Of course, I am having a bit of a crisis now with Not So Basic Black.  Things haven’t gone as I expected and I’m not as excited about it as I once was.  I took away the daily requirement but still feel like posting is important, and it isn’t holding the same appeal.  I have considered moving a lot of the content over to this blog and shutting NSBB down altogether.

Naturally, I have a new project in mind, and I am more excited about it than I’ve been about anything else I’ve done online in a long time. It isn’t ready for a debut yet, but it’s coming.  I hope to get a little more active over here too, if I bring over the movie content, all hell is going to break loose with any sort of content direction.

I’ve got a number of things cooking right now so I’m hoping they will all work themselves out. Happy New Year!

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