Formula One -Derland: Great Britain 2014

by Jamie Sanford on July 15, 2014

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Silverstone is a fan favorite, and a favorite of the teams since so many of the teams are headquartered near the track. All the employees get to come to the race!

(Source) Big crash from Kimi RAikkonen during lap 1. The race was actually red flagged and stopped for an hour while they were repairing the guard rail.

(Source) Kimi’s season could be going much better.

(Source) I truly believe that Lewis Hamilton was going to win this race no matter what, but I wasn’t mad about Nico Rosberg finally having a car problem that caused a DNF result. He and Lewis are now super close again for the title race.

(Source) In other news, Gutierrez and Maldonado crashed into each other again. This time, I guess Gutierrez wanted payback for Maldonado flipping his car in Bahrain.

(Source) Best battle of the day was EASILY Alonso vs. Vettel. So much fun. Video below.

(Source) Lewis wins his home race! Congratulations and well-deserved. Valtteri Bottas managed his second Formula One podium too, which was lovely.

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