Formula One -Derland: FIA Prize-Giving Gala

by Jamie Sanford on December 10, 2013

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Why they call it the “prize-giving gala” instead of “awards ceremony” or “annual gala,” I will never know.

Sebastian Vettel arrives to pick up his 4th driver’s championship trophy.

Fernando Alonso came to pick up his trophy with girlfriend Dasha Kapustina. She’s a model and she is 23. She seems very cool based on her Twitter.

Mark Webber, you will be missed.

Is there ever a time when Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t look like he is up to something?

(Getty image) Alonso with his trophy.  I actually like the design of the trophy a lot.

(Getty image)Webber has a trophy from his last year in Formula One. We love you Mark, and you are going to give Patrick Dempsey a run for his money in the “hottest man in endurance racing” contest.

(Getty image) Why did they make Vettel pose with this almost-naked showgirl? I’m confused at the absolute lack of context here.

I’m going to work on keeping the Formula One posts alive during the off-season. There is news and such to talk about, so I’ll be back soon on new driver pairings etc.

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