Dr Martens Size Filter Issues | Brand Experience Project

by Jamie Sanford on July 6, 2017

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I receive promotional emails from Dr Martens, and almost always open them. I am engaged with the brand and was excited to see a 40% off sale come into my inbox.

Things got unfortunate from there.

I have biggish feet, so I choose WOM 10 from the dropdown menu for size.

Why is the 9 there? I don’t wear a 9, I wear a 10 in Dr Martens shoes. I click the X next to the 9 to remove results that only apply to size 9.

Doing this unchecked both 9 and 10, so now I have all of the results again. This is INTENSELY frustrating to experience, and without being able to quickly skim which shoes were available in my size, I was over the shopping experience very quickly.

I hope that Dr Martens can get their website filters sorted soon, so that my next shopping experience is less frustrating.

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